Increase Operating Efficiency of Citizen-Facing Departments

In the Citizen Action Center, Municipalities Can …

Never Keystroke Payments

… Process Payments in Seconds

Now citizen-facing departments can eliminate keystroking payments received as paper checks or from bank payment systems.  Eliminate struggling to read handwriting or figure out where a payment should be applied.  And eliminate bank deposit runs.

With the Citizen Action Center, departments that receive citizen payments can now receive a daily electronic file of all payments and that file can be imported directly into their payment processing system.  With required fields, departments receive all information needed to properly post each payment.  And funds are deposited directly into the account they specify within 24 hours.

… Slash Time Required to Process Forms

Eliminate keystroking data from forms and documents.  Eliminate struggling to read handwriting.  

Instead, receive typed PDF copies of forms and documents to maintain paper files.  Plus, receive CSV files of forms and document data to be uploaded into departmental processing systems. 

Managers can track the frequency with which each form or document is submitted to gain insight into changing citizen priorities.

Speed Forms Processing
Address Citizen Issues

… Efficiently Address Citizen Issues

The Citizen Action Center’s communication module is designed to connect citizens with the right staff to address their issues.

Citizens are prompted to provide all the relevant information about their issues so staff members can quickly identify the proper course of action. 

With a messaging foundation, both sides of every conversation are saved for future reference by the citizen and by the relevant department.  He said / She said disputes are eliminated.  Issues are tracked as open until the citizen indicates he or she is satisfied with the resolution. 

Robust reporting allows managers to quantify the frequency with which specific issues arise and gain a sense of the community’s changing interests.

… Keep Track of Their Constituents

The Move In / Move Out module in the Citizen Action Center provides citizens with one place where they can notify all relevant service providers of their plans to move into, within or out of the municipality.

Citizen-facing departments benefit by getting complete and accurate information whenever a citizen makes a move.

Departments throughout the municipality can use Move In / Move Out notifications to keep their files, records and lists current.  Municipal administration can also monitor community growth and trends in housing.  

Keep Track of Constituents
Gather Data on Constituents

… Gather Data on Households and Businesses

Municipalities can gain a wealth of information about households and businesses that can be used for emergency response, short term communications and long-range planning.

The Citizen Action Center will gather age, gender and special needs information about every member of a household (including pets) along with their cell phone number and email address.  That’s information emergency responders can utilize to account for all residents.  And information the parks department can use to reach out to all households with young children.  

Citizens are also asked whether they own or rent the home they occupy and to identify their landlord.  That’s information that can be used to identify under-the-radar landlords for safety inspections.  

Businesses will also be asked to provide emergency contact information and record whether any hazardous materials are stored on-site.