Local Government
with Digital Transformation

The Citizen Action Center is Digital Government Brought to Life.

The Citizen Action Center re-imagines virtually every aspect of how citizens interact with their municipal government.  It creates an internet-based environment where citizens can do business with their local government easily and at their convenience.  Where municipalities can dramatically streamline their operations without the need to replace legacy software and systems.  And where municipalities can generate positive cash flow.

Your citizen customer uses Amazon, Google and Netflix on a daily basis.  They expect local government to offer the same type of easy-to-use online system to conduct their business with their municipality and local utilities.  Government leaders must follow the private-sector trend, recognizing the potential cost benefits and better service outcomes from digital transformation.

Digital Transformation for Citizens

Citizens Do Business at Their Convenience

Put access to government at your citizen’s fingertips. They can pay any bill. Or find, fill and submit any form or document. Citizens can get in touch with the right staffer to address their issue. Or easily notify all departments and agencies of an impending change of address. And they can register their household or business to get emergency notifications and help first responders help them in an emergency.

Municipalities Boost Operating Efficiencies

Municipal departments can dramatically increase operating efficiencies without the need to upgrade legacy systems. They can download and import payment data rather than keystroking each payment. They can download and import forms data instead of keystroking. They can track and monitor the flow and handling of each and every citizen issue or request. They can streamline the handling of move ins/move outs across all relevant departments. And they can maintain and readily access occupancy information for every parcel in the jurisdiction – complete with names, email addresses and phone numbers.

Increase Operating Efficiency
Positive Cash Flow

Municipalities Generate Positive Cash Flow

Other digital and e-government sites want municipalities to pay for the privilege of using their platform. Diversified Technology looks at it differently. We see it as a partnership where we make money, you make money and your citizens are better served. Learn more.

Transforming Your Municipality Begins With a Demo

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