Digital Transformation From Diversified Technology

Diversified Technology has been a leader in the digital transformation of local government for more than 30 years.

Its initial efforts were focused on municipal utility services.

The Diversified Billing system began life running on IBM mini computers and evolved over time to take advantage of DOS and Windows based personal computers and then the internet.  Each evolution was designed to allow municipal clients to leverage technology to accomplish more while using less human resource and bring a higher level of service to their citizen customers.

The Citizen Action Center was a natural extension of these efforts.  It affords utility customers a rich portal in which they can pay their utility bills, view their usage data and manage their utility account.

But it goes far beyond utility billing to allow citizens to pay any municipal bill, complete and submit any municipal form or document, contact the right municipal staffer to address any issue,  register a household or business, and easily notify all municipal departments of an impending move.

While streamlining virtually every municipal interaction for citizens, the Citizen Action Center also allows municipalities to process payments, forms and documents and communications far more efficiently.  All data gathered in the Citizen Action Center can be downloaded and imported into legacy software systems, eliminating the need to keystroke data.