Municipalities Can Also …

… Earn Positive Cash Flow

Positive Cash Flow

If you were to ask any citizen waiting in a long line at a municipal office if they would be willing to pay a few dollars to skip the line, most would answer with a resounding, “Yes!”  That is the concept behind the Citizen Action Center.  People are both willing and anxious to pay for convenience.  And the Citizen Action Center makes doing business with a municipality incredibly convenient.   

Diversified Technology charges a platform fee when citizens use the Citizen Action Center. 

And we have structured our system to allow client municipalities to add a municipal platform fee to our platform fee.   This provides a vehicle by which client municipalities can offset the cost of implementing the Citizen Action Center and even earn positive cash flow. 

The two fees will not be differentiated to citizens, but rather will be presented as a single fee — the cost of using the platform.